Step into your power

Who is this program for?

This individual signature program is designed for women who are eager to rock their confidence, boost their self-esteem, know their own worth and stop playing safe or small in their personal lives and career. For women who are ready to invest in themselves and in their future, so they can empower themselves to live the life they love, with no apologies and no regrets.

 If you relate to any of the scenarios described below, this program is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

  • You don’t feel good enough. You are a doer and an overachiever. You set huge expectations for yourself, and a constant need for perfection is following you in everything you do. Making mistakes makes you feel incompetent or stupid.
  • You are more aware of your weaknesses than your unique gifts and talents. Seeing the strengths of others comes far more natural than finding them in yourself.
  • You use to take yourself for granted; you find it hard to embrace and celebrate your achievements. That’s not such a big deal, you might think, or anyone else could make it. You often attribute your results to either luck or other people who gave you opportunities to succeed.
  • Getting praise feels uneasy or awkward; you tend to put yourself down whenever someone compliments you.
  • You are a people-pleaser. You worry excessively about what other people think and how they perceive you. You feel uncomfortable to speak up for yourself and say No to things you don’t want to do. You wouldn’t want to disappoint others and – let’s get honest with this one – you want them to like you.
  • You are a nurturer; a master of giving facing obstacles to receiving. You prefer to put other people first and make them happy. Taking care of your own wants and needs would rather feel selfish. Finding the necessary time and money for yourself is often a challenge and you don’t know how to love yourself unconditionally and keep your tank full.
  • In romantic relationships, you focus more on your partner and what he wants than on what you want for yourself. Your emotional needs come second. If single, you’re facing difficulties to bring love into your life. You meet an interesting guy and hope he will like you. You might hold old fears deep inside and emotional blockages that are working against you. You might be shut down for love.
  • You don’t fully trust your abilities, skills, and knowledge. You don’t acknowledge the value you bring to your employers. You are uncomfortable talking money, negotiating a salary or asking for a raise.
  • You feel you’re playing safe and small in your private life and career. You know you were meant for more. You have an old dream or a wish that looks unrealistic, impossible or too good to be true. You don’t trust you could make it.
  • You can’t put into clear words what makes you truly happy, whole and complete. Despite everything you have achieved so far, it still feels like something is missing. You want to get the best out of your life. You want to claim your power, feel free and alive.

What will you get?

By stepping into this coaching program, you will:

  • Discover the Real You: unveil your hidden strengths, gifts and talents that make you unique and truly special.
  • Know your core values and what truly matters in all areas of your life.
  • Get rid of the “I’m not good enough” or “I’m average” mentality and start feeling enough and worthy of the best things life has to offer.
  • Transcend the feeling of “I can’t” and challenge your perceived limitations.
  • Break destructive, often culturally inherited habits that don’t serve you well.
  • Detox your mind of assumptions, fears, worries, and concerns.
  • Let go of the need for perfection. Silence your inner critic and awaken your inner leader.
  • Deepen your intuition and connect with your inner wisdom.
  • Become your own best friend.

At the end of this journey, you will see transformational changes in all aspects of your life:

Healthier Self-esteem, Increased Quality of Life and Well-being:

You will love and approve of yourself as you are. You will start living in harmony with yourself – mind, body, and soul. You will know how to be a priority in your life and take care of your own wants and needs without feeling guilty or selfish. You will start feeling good in your skin, less stressed, more balanced and alive.

Better Decision Making:

You will make powerful choices for your highest good, both privately and professionally. When you know who you are, what you want comes easy. You will find the courage to take risks without fearing you might fail. You will live authentically, without the need to please other people.

Healthier Relationships with Others:

You will learn how to set healthy boundaries with the outer world and say No to things you don’t want to do without offending anyone. You will refine your communication and know how to speak for yourself clearly and assertively, in any situation.

Better Love Life:

Here’s what I’ve learned: in romantic relationships, self-confidence is the best makeup you could ever wear. A woman who feels good about herself is magnetic. You will transform from a woman who needs a man into a woman a man needs, so you can feel loved, cherished, whole and complete with or without having a romantic partner in your life.

Increased Financial and Job Satisfaction:

Things like negotiating your salary, asking for a raise or applying for a job you’ve been dreaming of will not look so hard anymore. You will be more successful and more fulfilled. When you confidently know your own value, others will value you as well.

A Wise, Long-term Investment:

This program is a long-term investment not only in yourself but also in the generations to come. When you are empowered, your children (the ones you have or might want to have someday) become the same: loving and compassionate with themselves and others, self-confident, brave and strong. To them, you are a role model; your child’s confidence starts with you.

How does it work and What’s included?

Package includes:

  • One 90 min. breakthrough session where we will create a plan for our work together and discover the real, wise and beautiful You.
  • 7 X 90 min. powerful one-on-one sessions (phone or Skype).
  • “Food for thought and soul”: inspiring exercises to boost your progress and keep you on track.
  • My practical Empowerment Toolkit – a set of useful tools, coaching techniques and self-assessments that helped me transform from the low-confident woman I was years ago, never feeling enough and worthy, into the empowered woman I am today: loving myself as I am, happily married and doing the job I love.
  • Unlimited e-mail access for support between sessions; you will have me beside you throughout your entire journey.

“When I started working with Sara, I didn’t know I was going to embark in one of the most beautiful journeys of my life. Sara is not only very supportive, professional and passionate about her work; she has a natural ability to empathize with her clients in a very non-judgmental way. Today I know how to love myself and this makes such a huge difference! I feel fully empowered, my life looks brighter, full of joy and hope. It feels like a rebirth. I wish everyone could meet a coach like her and make that shift…I’m sure the world would be a much better place.”

Elena D.,
Yoga Teacher, Italy

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