Leontina Bucur

“I wasn’t sure such things like coaching would suit my personality, to be honest. I decided to meet with Sara simply because I was extremely curious. Working with her has truly changed my life. For the first time ever I know who I am, and I can appreciate all my strengths and personal values. Now I realize I have all the necessary resources inside of me to create the positive changes I want. Sara helped me to restore my confidence and empowered me in a way that felt as anything was possible. I would warmly recommend her to any woman who wants to make a positive change in the way she views herself and others, and on how she manages and enjoys her life. Today I’ve reached a better balance between work and my private life, and I feel more confident in myself to grow in my career. So easy to reach our dreams once we have the power to do what we really want! Thank you, Sara!”

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  • Posted by coach2016
  • On February 15, 2016