Mihaela Apostol

“ It is hard to put into words all the benefits Sara’s coaching has brought to my life. She helped me get clarity on my goals during a very challenging time, and she always met me with no judgment and an open mind. Working with Sara, I felt safe and protected to explore all the inherent insecurities on the new path discovered with her support. I gained a much healthier sense of my personal power and creativity. Her adjustment towards the way my mind and my heart operate enabled me to become more in tune with who I really am and to lead my life according to my values. Sara stood as a shining, loving, beautiful example for me and I think this is the best way anyone can learn from others. I would recommend her to anyone who is committed to personal development, and has the courage to step into the new, supported by an exceptionally well qualified and wise guide.”

  • Posted by coach2016
  • On February 15, 2016